Why you should never throw away your Boarding Pass, even after your flight

imagesWhen travelling by air, it is mandatory for passengers to present their Passport, Air Ticket and Boarding Pass to be allowed entry into the plane.

Most people before they get on board guard their Boarding Pass and Air Ticket like their life depended on it. However, once safely inside, they no-longer pay as much attention to them. In most cases they immediately discard of on entry or at any other place without paying much attention to it.

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However, this carelessness could invite a whole lot of trouble for them. The boarding pass is provided by an airline during check-in, giving a passenger permission to enter the restricted area of an airport and to board the airplane for a particular flight. Apart from granting access, it also contains a lot of personal information about the passenger. You should not throw away your Boarding Pass because this will compromise the security of your personal details. This leaves you vulnerable to identity theft, social media, online and bank account hacking.

According to “Krebs on Security” there is personal information encrypted on the Boarding Pass. From a simple screen shot of the bar code on the ticket, it’s amazing how much personal information about a person can be retrieved. Things like home address, banking information, email address and phone numbers can easily be seen.

Watch the video below and share it for others to learn as well about the risks and damage of being careless with their boarding pass!

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