ZIMRA Rolls out cargo tracking System

CargoTrackingZimborderguideThe Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has rolled out an Electronic Cargo Tracking System to ensure that there is no tempering with the cargo on transit by the drivers or any criminals who might intercept the transportation mode involved This was revealed by the ZIMRA Acting Commissioner General Happias Kuzvinzwa during a media workshop in Bulawayo.He said to curb transit fraud and illegal dumping of goods on the local market; the Electronic Cargo Tracking System is being rolled out by ZIMRA.

“The Cargo Tracking System involves the use of modern electronic sealing devices, which are put on transit cargo at the port of entry and removed at the port of exit,” he said.

“The tracking system is integrated into the existing ASYCUDA World system and allows real-time tracking of the cargo, up to the point of exit.  Electronic seal devices report to ZIMRA in real-time any violations, that include seal and cargo tempering. It also reports real time incidents when cargo goes off route or outside the geo-fenced route.”

The developments come at a time when many transporters have accused their drivers of tempering with their cargo during transit with some fuel transporters having been recently caught delivering fuel contaminated with water.

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