Mozambique Police intercept Smuggled goods en-route to Zim

mozabustPolice authorities in Mozambique’s central province of Manica have announced the seizure of large quantities of goods that were being smuggled across the border into Zimbabwe. A report on STV on Monday 15 May 2017 said, the contraband included 60, 20-litre gallons of petrol and diesel, 167 bales of second-hand clothing, and two boxes containing motorcycle accessories.

The report said smugglers have been taking advantage of the porous borders to illegally transport goods using undesignated routes along Burma Valley, Penhalonga, Imbeza and Mutasa.

There are only two designated entry points into Mozambique at Forbes Border Post in Mutare and Cashel Valley Border Post in Chimanimani.

According to the private broadcaster, there is currently a thriving business of smuggling fuel into from Mozambique to Zimbabwe.

Despite the recent increase in fuel prices in Mozambique, the price discrepancy is still large enough to make it worthwhile for smugglers to buy fuel in the country and resell it in Zimbabwe.

Stv says the police seized the contraband goods in the Chitewe area, near the Machipanda border post between the two countries and arrested two people in connection with the smuggling, and seized the vehicle they were using.

The Manica provincial police spokesperson, Elsidio Filipe, said that the seizure formed part of an operation along the border to stamp out the smuggling of merchandise into Zimbabwe.

The smuggling of goods along the porous border between Zimbabwe and Mozambique has escalated, as locals eke out a living through cross-border trade.

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