Concern over Beitbridge border pedestrian muggings

much-compensation-can-get-stabbed-e1461055699348BEITBRIDGE Senator Tambudzani Mohadi has expressed concern over the safety of people who cross the Beitbridge Border Post on foot after a Zimbabwean man was robbed and fatally stabbed before being thrown off the bridge on the 20th of June 2017.

“It is difficult to understand and I am going to take it up with responsible authorities, I cannot see how,” Mohadi said yesterday while addressing close to 4 000 mourners, mostly Beitbridge residents, at the deceased Dennis Masera’s burial. “If the men deployed to guard the bridge were doing their work, they would have been able to account for the robbers.”

Police and other security details from both Zimbabwe and South Africa, including armed military personnel, provide 24-hour security at the historic 472-metre steel girder bridge, where Masera met his fate while on his way to work.

The bridge holds the only direct rail link between South Africa and Zimbabwe and is now reserved for pedestrians following the erection of the wider New Limpopo Toll Bridge.

Matabeleland South police spokesman Inspector Philisani Ndebele said the incident was being investigated by the South African Police Service.

The stretch between South Africa and Zimbabwe, despite the presence of armed police from both countries and armed members of the Zimbabwe National Army, has become dangerous with many robbery incidents being reported.

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