Travelling with Children

group_of_kidsFestive holidays, family vacations or events like weddings and parties usually mean that the trips include all the members of the family. Continue reading “Travelling with Children”


Short-Shipment of Imported Goods

A short-shipment occurs when cargo listed on invoices or carrier’s documents is not included in a shipment or is not received by the recipient or consignee. In other terms, the quantity of goods received and cleared by the recipient/consignee will be less than the quantity listed on the invoices or shipping documents. Despite some goods being short shipped as described above, all goods shown on an invoice, bill of lading, manifest, consignment note, waybill or other document as having been consigned to Zimbabwe shall be deemed to have been imported and shall be cleared on a bill of entry. Continue reading “Short-Shipment of Imported Goods”

Everything you need to know about Vehicle Temporary Import Permits

autodocumentblk-3Foreigners or foreign based Zimbabweans arriving into the country using their foreign registered vehicles are required by law to obtain a Temporary Import Permit (TIP). A TIP is a permit that allows a visitor to temporarily bring in a foreign registered vehicle into a country for their personal and for a set period of time. Continue reading “Everything you need to know about Vehicle Temporary Import Permits”