SA tightens Beitbridge border security ahead of Easter holiday

BordertravellersZzimborderguideSouth Africa has beefed up security at all ports of entry, including Beitbridge to reduce cases of illegal migration and
smuggling, which are rife during major holidays, a Cabinet Minister has said. Home Affairs Minister Mr Malusi
Gigaba told journalists during a Press conference in Pretoria yesterday that more security and immigration officers
had been deployed to the hot spots. Continue reading “SA tightens Beitbridge border security ahead of Easter holiday”


Electronic Temporary Importation Permit (E-TIP) explained

airfreightThe Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) administers a rebate of duty, which is granted to foreign registered vehicles not intended for consumption in Zimbabwe and temporarily imported into the country by a tourist for his own personal use, but not for disposal, trade or commercial purposes. These vehicles are imported under a Temporary Import Permit for visitors’ vehicle (TIP). Continue reading “Electronic Temporary Importation Permit (E-TIP) explained”

Rebate of duty on equipment imported by registered Arts organisations

How-to-Listen-to-Instrumental-MusicA rebate of duty is a duty free concession provided for in the Customs and Excise regulations. One such rebate is granted to registered Arts organisations as defined in the National Arts council of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 25:07]. Continue reading “Rebate of duty on equipment imported by registered Arts organisations”

Bordersmart: Restricted and Prohibited Imports and Exports

Prohibited-and-Restricted-ImportsThe importation and exportation of some goods and substances is only possible after obtaining and subsequent production of a requisite permit or licence from the relevant Ministry. However; for some products, the importation or exportation is prohibited. Continue reading “Bordersmart: Restricted and Prohibited Imports and Exports”

Importation and Exportation of Currency by Travellers

MoneyThe importation and exportation of currency is governed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) in terms of the Exchange Control Act [Chapter 22:05] as read with Exchange Control Regulations Statutory Instrument 109 of 1996. Continue reading “Importation and Exportation of Currency by Travellers”

Duty FREE Allowance on Goods Imported for Religious Purposes  

christ-of-peace-bolivia-2-488x650The Customs and Excise (General) Regulations, as published in Statutory Instrument 154 of 2001, provides for a rebate of duty on selected imported goods by religious organisations. This implies that such goods when imported enjoy duty free and Value Added Tax (VAT) free concessions. Continue reading “Duty FREE Allowance on Goods Imported for Religious Purposes  “