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  • Getting a Visa (Tourist/ Visitors, Student, Business, etc)
  • Permit (Work, Business e.t.c )
  • Best Accommodation
  • Vehicle Rental or Hire
  • Tours and Excursions in Zimbabwe (Best places to visit)
  • Travel arrangements Airline ,Coach or Bus Bookings
  • Export or Import Licence (Business or Individuals)
  • Customs Clearance
  • Vehicle Importation (Personal/Company Vehicle Importations)
  • Private or Commercial Consignment imports *i.e personal/commercial imports for goods like electronics, household appliances, raw materials, building materials, mining etc
  • Vehicle Registrations, New Number Plates
  • Vehicle Change of Ownership
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Shipping and Freight Forwarding or Transporting
  • Company Registration (Foreign Investors, New Businesses e.t.c)
  • Tax Advisory and Accounting Services (Tax Returns, E-Filling, Tax Management etc)

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