Migrants hail SA ConCourt ruling

SA-concourtZIMBABWEAN immigrants in South Africa have hailed that country’s Constitutional Court ruling that foreign nationals that are detained mostly at Lindela repatriation camp, have the right to legal recourse. Continue reading “Migrants hail SA ConCourt ruling”


Concern over Beitbridge border pedestrian muggings

much-compensation-can-get-stabbed-e1461055699348BEITBRIDGE Senator Tambudzani Mohadi has expressed concern over the safety of people who cross the Beitbridge Border Post on foot after a Zimbabwean man was robbed and fatally stabbed before being thrown off the bridge on the 20th of June 2017. Continue reading “Concern over Beitbridge border pedestrian muggings”

Zimbabwe: Botswana Refutes Visa Regime Claims

zim-passportThe Government of Botswana has refuted reports that it intends to close its mission in Harare and introduce a visa regime for Zimbabweans wishing to travel to that country. Social media has in the last few days been awash with news that Gaborone would close its mission on September 1 and also introduce visas. Continue reading “Zimbabwe: Botswana Refutes Visa Regime Claims”

Duty FREE Allowance on Goods Imported for Religious Purposes  

christ-of-peace-bolivia-2-488x650The Customs and Excise (General) Regulations, as published in Statutory Instrument 154 of 2001, provides for a rebate of duty on selected imported goods by religious organisations. This implies that such goods when imported enjoy duty free and Value Added Tax (VAT) free concessions. Continue reading “Duty FREE Allowance on Goods Imported for Religious Purposes  “