The ZimborderGuide: Ultimate Guide to Travelling, Importing and Exporting across Zimbabwean Borders

Find out everything you will ever need to know about Customs, Immigration, and Cross Border Travel and Save Thousands of Dollars on Customs Duty, Agents and Clearance Fees.BorderguideMytaxmate

The Zimborderguide will take you step by step and show you in full detail how to go about all the  Confusing Border Procedures. From the basics of  getting ready,

  • Travelling with children,
  • all the Duty Free Allowances available to you,
  • a complete list of Duty Free products ,
  • how to import a private or commercial vehicle,
  • ZIMRA Car Duty rates
  • Duty on Electrical Appliances, electronics etc
  • the steps to take to Export or Import efficiently and cost effectively on your own,
  • all the details about Import and Export licence acquisition and

Best of all get amazing tips on how you can legally Reduce the Amount of Duty you have to pay when importing a vehicle or any other merchandise.

This is applicable whether you are an individual or a fully fledged Import or Export business, the advice contained in the guide will sufficiently and completely serve your needs.

That’s not all! The Zimborderguide is also available  as a Mobile App, the App brings among other useful features a Handy ZIMRA Duty Calculator that will serve you from the frustrating hassle of accurately budgeting on all the expenses you can expect when importing anything into the country. The app lets you stay on top of what is happening at the border that could affect your business there, it brings you the latest News and Tips that will keep you Bordersmart all the time!

For your absolute convenience the full guide is also available through an e-reader on the app this means you have all this advice and tips at your finger tips every-time! If you Get the Zimborderguide Now! you also get the APP absolutely FREE!

Below is a list of all the other Amazing Benefits you will get with The Zimborderguide!

  1. Getting Ready
  2. How to spend the shortest time at the Border
  3. Step by Step Border Crossing Guidelines
  4. Driving Across the Border
  5. Travelling by Air
  6. Travelling with Children and Pets
  7. Prohibited and Restricted Goods
  8. The Dreaded Customs Procedures Explained
  9. Duty Free Allowances
  10. Commonly Imported Items (Explained with Duty Calculation Examples)
  11. Freebies Duty Free Shopping
  12. Coming Back Home
  13. Importing a Vehicle into Zimbabwe
  14. How to Reduce Costs and Pay the least amount of Duty when Importing a Vehicle
  15. Commercial Importations (Clearance Guidelines on Imports and Exports)
  16. How to Import Passenger Carrying Vehicles
  17. How to Import Commercial, Construction, Mining and Agricultural Vehicles
  18. Tax Planning to Effectively Reduce Customs Duties Legally (Businesses/Importers)
  19. Zimbabwean Ports of Entry or Exit


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N.B Tax Consultants and Clearing Agents  charge high fees for the information contained in this guide! You have the opportunity to get these trade secrets at over 200% discount! to read and understand at your own pace for life!  

Travelling to another country can be a very exciting experience, getting to explore new territories, sights and meeting new people. It’s understandable that the anticipation for the trip can be both exhilarating and nerve wrecking. However, if you are not properly prepared this experience can easily be nerve-wrecking rather than an exciting one.

When entering any country, the first place you experience the people and the atmosphere of your chosen destination, is the port of entry or designated border post. This is where the entire mood of your trip can be set, it is like the make or break area, a bad experience at this crucial point can leave you with a sour taste in the mouth and might even dampen your spirits. Your preparedness comes in very handy at this point. The port of entry can be very intimidating, even to the most knowledgeable and confident among us.  This is because there are numerous procedures and requirements that one has to abide by once at the border.

The Zimborderguide is an indispensable companion for every Traveller, Importer or Exporter traversing Zimbabwean Borders or just about anyone seeking clarification on Cross Border Requirements and Procedures.

The Zimborderguide aims to provide Travellers, Importers and Exporters with as much information as possible to prepare them so that they always get a smooth and enjoyable Border Crossing experience. The guide is meant to help foreigners and Zimbabweans alike intending to cross into or out of Zimbabwe whether by road or by air. The overall goal is to familiarise them with all the requirements and procedures that they will have to go through when they reach the border.

This guide has been customised for Zimbabwean Ports of Entry/Exit; however it can still be applicable to other Border Crossing situations as some of the information provided is generic and can be applicable in those situations. The author has taken every step possible to be exhaustive and not leave out anything that would come in handy for someone travelling, importing or exporting across Zimbabwean Borders.

This guide is all encompassing and quiet comprehensive; it explains issues relating to Private and Commercial Importations. It also provides valuable information that covers foreign or Zimbabwean travellers intending to import things like Groceries, Appliances, Household Goods or Vehicles. It serves Individual Importers or Companies considering going into small to large scale Commercial Importation and Export.

This is the absolute best Border Crossing, Import and Export Guide that will carefully take someone step by step through all the confusing and frustrating border procedures. After reading this guide you will be left with complete peace of mind and total confidence on how to navigate your way through the border and get the best possible experience.